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Kratom is the latest herb which is a blessing for many people but a serious concern for the agencies of law enforcement. It is the plant known as Mitragyna Speciosa that grows in Southeast Asia and belong to the family of the coffee. Indigenous persons chew the leaves of the tree directly that give them a pleasant response. Another way to use the leaves is to dry them and then crush them into powdered form.

This herb has been used as a remedy for the diarrhea and chronic pain. It has also been experimented successfully to eliminate the dependence on the opiate. The leaves are chewed by various individuals so that the symptoms of opiate withdrawal can be reduced.

Response of the Users

The users of this herb have been found sharing their experiences according to which its strains can give you very pleasurable feeling and it will remain in your body and mind for very long duration if compared with coffee. At the top, people get the effects of euphoria and it makes their minds alert and focused. The effects usually depends on the dosage you use similar to the other psychoactive substances for example small dose of kratom gives stimulating effects and increasing the dosage would take you to the sedation.

Do not use it every day

Cautions are being given to the users to use it in low amount and avoid its daily use that can cause addiction. Daily use for long period say 2 to 3 years can cause side effects like loss in weight, darkening of skin, dryness of mouth, insomnia, anorexia, constipation and frequent urination. This is the reason why DEA gives warnings to the users although it is legal and there is no restriction on its use.

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So it can be said that those people who are using the plant in a moderate way, they are getting the maximum out of it but some had to face few unpleasant effects with its heavy use every day.

How can People Use it

Kratom is used in the powder from or people may inject, smoke, chew or even drink it and get pleasant and enjoyable feeling through it but due to its side effects, the debate over its safety has still not ended. Although there is no doubt on its legal status and you can have access to it very easily through the internet as various online vendors and sitting and selling it for you. Head shops and smoke shops are also the sources from where you can get it in the name of various brands but online vendors can give you the better quality and more variety than the others.

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