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Home-based jobs or working from home is one of the top choices of career driven individuals. This is also why a home office is being part of every home additions people in this field is considering. Having their own office space in their homes gives them the leverage to do their work more efficiently and provides them the sense of space they needed to be productive.

The concept of working from the comforts of your own home had spread all over the globe, which has given a different perspective in running a business or any organization providing convenience to every employee.


Let’s face it, regardless of the place you are working from, you’re just basically doing the same thing – working.

So, whether you are working from the office or from home, it still depends on the kind of setting you think you are most productive at together with the kind of field you are working in.  

With that being said, here are some of the reasons why more and more people are opting to work from home and a glimpse into some of the reasons why it could be a disadvantage.


  • Enjoying a flexible schedule.

When you say “flexible” it means you can do things on your own terms. With this kind of schedule, you can take breaks anytime you want, have coffee or tea anytime, eat lunch or dinner whenever you feel hungry, and you get to spend time with family whenever they called and asked to hang out.

  • You create your own working environment.

Play your music in any way you prefer. You can go all up like you’re attending a concert at the park, or way down with mellow sounds like having a little peace and quiet at the spa or a coffee shop.

  • Comfy clothes.

You have the freedom to work on your favorite PJs or spend the whole day working on your report wearing your favorite cartoon character shirt. You are not entitled to wear any uniforms or be in business casual – Yay to that!

  • You take full control of your time.

This work from home set up gives you the benefit of scheduling your working time according to your mood and availability. It actually gives you more room to be more productive and the license to work in your own preference. Imagine the amount of time saved from commuting back and forth alone from your home to the office. At least you do not have to worry about traffic.

  • You get to develop being independent.

Once you work from home you are basically on your own and just virtually communicating with your bosses and colleagues. Unlike in a regular office setting, you get to see them every single day. This does not mean also that you cannot ask help from anyone because technology had made every communicating means possible and convenient. Working alone just means that you have all the time to improve your skills in solving problems and decision making as well as discover more abilities that you can benefit from.


  • Personal determination.

You are rushing up on a report, but your favorite Netflix series just dropped their latest season or you are scheduled to do your laundry today. This is just some of the things you face when working from home –the unlimited distractions. You just have to learn how to set your priorities if you wanted to excel in this career that you have chosen.

  • The regular routine struggle.

The activities and schedule you follow at work is way different from how you handle them at home. Since you manage things on your own, you tend to slack sometimes or overlook your schedule.

  • Too much power naps.

Well, who can resist the invitation of sleep or naps once in a while, this is something you cannot just do when you are in an office environment. Although it becomes a downside because you can overslept since it’s easy to cancel an alarm.

  • You can get bored.   

You will sometimes miss those chats with office mates during lunch or breaks. Or those last full show moments you do after office hours. It’s like you wanted to go out of your crib and reconnect with real people.

  • Slower pace.

When in the office, you speed up your work because of daily deadlines, meetings, conferences, and reports. But at home, since you manage your own time, your pace becomes slower because you are in charge of your own deadline. This sometimes decreases your productivity.

Working from home has both advantages and disadvantages, it’s just up to you on how you can handle the flaws of it while keeping up with your benefits. So, if you have decided to work from home and wanted to have your own working space there are affordable home additions DC architects who can help you achieve an inspiring office area. Just remember that this kind of career will fit you depending on how determined you are and focused.

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