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Finding a dentist isn’t always the easiest proposition. As always, you want to be comfortable and feel like you’re in good hands. You want to find a dentist close to you, and you want to make sure your dentist is certified and specialized in all the areas of dentistry you care about. If you’re looking for a family dentist, a dentist with pediatric experience could be helpful. Or, if you anticipate the need for dental surgery (like wisdom tooth removal), finding a dentist experienced in oral surgery could be more convenient in the long run. However, these are all tips that most of our patients have already heard. Go to a dentist that specializes in the kind of dentistry you need, look for a dentist that’s close to you, opt for new equipment and look for a good, comfortable environment. Long story short, no big surprise here! “Tell me something I don’t know!” you might be thinking.

So we’ll approach the topic from a slightly different angle. Outside of actually finding a good dentist near you, what should you be noticing when you’ve already found a dentist?

First, consider the care

What level of care does your dentist offer. Despite the fact that the equipment is getting older, or there’s only one or two dental hygienists, how safe and cared for do you feel when your dentist has you in the chair? Does your dentist show a clear regard for your background, your concerns, and the obstacles you’ve encountered with your oral health? In our book, offering the highest quality care means listening as much as we’re talking

Are you being Educated

One of the primary roles of any dentist should always be education. Whether you’re an adult with a great oral care routine, or you’re a mother looking for a great new family dentist, education is key. From instructing children to brush, floss, and rinse safely and effectively, to helping adults reverse the damage of gingivitis, oral care that lasts for a lifetime starts with a simple conversation and a couple of pointers from your dentist.

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