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Braid your hair for a trendy look

Plaits are back in fashion. In the year 2014 it is everywhere from the red carpet to the main street, you can see almost every girl wearing plaits. No matter if you have long hair, short hair or medium length hair. As there are a number of hairstyles mixed with plaits and braids, which goes well with almost any kind of hair length. Below are some easy to do plaits trendy hairstyle, which go well with every kind of hair texture and length. Just have a look.

Most coveted plaits hairstyles of 2014

It is the time to braid your hairs to get perfect and stylish hairs, no matter if you go with the fishtail braid, the simple plaits or the mermaid style; they are in trend this year. Some of the most liked and preferred hairstyles of the year are listed below.

  1. The waterfall plaits: No matter what is the length of your hair is, or whether it is curled or straight. This hairstyle goes well with every kind of hairs. The waterfall plaits looks awesome every time you make it. It is also called the fairy tale braid, as it makes you look as pretty as a Disney princess.
  2. The milkmaid braid: Once you try this hairstyle, you will fall in love with it. It is one of the 5-minute hairstyle, which you can wear in a party or a marriage function and manage to look pretty perfect. This is one of the most preferred hairstyle wore by a number of celebrities this year. So, if you wish to get a celebrity look, then try the milkmaid braid.
  3. The French braid: It is one of the oldest hairstyle which always stays in fashion. But the hairstylists have given the French braid a more modern touch this year. You can also collaborate the French braid hair in a simple pony tail, free, open hairs or even clutch the hairs into a bun using the French braid to give your hairs an exotic look.
  4. Side plates: the slide plates are really very easy to make hairstyle, this provides you with a gorgeous. You can make it clean and perfect to get a cute look, or you can also go for the messy side plates with a hint of grunge if you wish to look sexy and seductive.
  5. Messy plaits: the most preferred hairstyle of the year 2014. This hairstyle needs no introduction, it is a perfect hairstyle for long hairs. If you wish to look beautiful, as beautiful as a Greek goddess, then you should totally go for this hairstyle.
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