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Bar exam is the bridge between the educational and professional carrier of a lawyer. To become a licensed lawyer one needs to pass an immensely tough bar exam. This bar exam is specifically designed to check one’s ability to understand law and act in accordance with it. Every state in the United States has its own bar and every bar has its own membership. In order to practice law in a state one needs to get the membership of that states bar. Every state bar conducts special bar exams to allow new lawyers to become members of the bar.

Every state bar has its own diverse system of examination. So if someone wishes to practice law in multiple states then they need to pass multiple bar exams in order to get bar memberships. Bar exam patterns are also different in every state, one thing that is common in almost all states is the presence of essay questions in the bar exam., although the number of essay question differs but still these essay questions have a significant importance in the exam.

The success in the bar exam completely depends on how well someone performs in these essay questions. If one takes a look at the California bar which is considered to be the toughest bars in the United States then they will see that nearly seventy percent of the test consists of essay questions, candidate has to spend nearly twelve hours out of the total eighteen hours of the essay questions.

The secret of solving the essay question lies in the method that you employ to solve the question. There are somethings that you need to keep in mind before starting the exam. These simple factors are an assurance f success if you have studied well.

Time Management:

Managing time in a bar exam is essential. Essay questions require a lot of narrative, one could just write as much as they want in essay questions. One could just write a whole book about one single question, but doing such things will leave you with less time for the remaining questions. Ty to keep the length of your essay to a good length, that the examiner will feel easy while studying. Also keep a check on time and distribute time equally between questions, because if you are unable to solve all the questions in good length then you will surely suffer.

Make An Outline:

Before starting a question make an elaborate outline in your mind. In this outline remember to include everything regarding the essay. Explain each thing in good details; don’t over detail one thing that it overshadows other important points. This also helps in time management and ensures that everything is well detailed to an extent that examiner understands what you are trying to explain.

Make paragraphs, paragraphs are a great means of making things more elaborate. Dedicate paragraphs for everything, don’t make a paragraph too long because reading a single long paragraph could get a bit boring for someone. Break bigger paragraphs into smaller ones. Arrange them in an order so that everything doesn’t get mixed.

Practice Writing:

You need to start practicing to write much before the exam, the whole exam depends on it without practicing this thing you will be unable to attempt the exam. You need to write a lot in order to pass the exam, thousands of words in a few hours. For this you need to practice writing as much as possible. You have to make your writing clear to such an extent that the examiner is able to read every single word without a glitch.


The selection of material is also important; you need to study all sorts of material to get as much usable knowledge as possible. Reading the past California bar exam review essays could give you an idea of what level your narrative should be. California bar exam essays are said to be the best because California bar is the toughest bar in the country. Take it as your ideal whenever you are looking for the material because you need to study the best material in order to be successful in the bar exams no matter which state you are from.

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