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Property tax in Georgia is determined by the value of property a person has. Property tax bill is calculated by deducting any exemptions from 40% of the appraised value of the property and multiplying the result by the millage rent. Financial institutions, corporate organizations, schools, and residential homes are billed to pay property tax.

Why Should I Pay Property Tax

Payment of property tax by real estate owners is necessary because it provides stable revenue for the State of Georgia. In some countries, we find that the component states often rely heavily on revenue allocation from the Government, thus, eroding to an extent its autonomy. Property tax when paid to the State of Georgia helps it assert further its independence from federal control. It is also used to provide adequate facilities and infrastructures like good roads, electricity supply, and other public utilities. The taxes paid on property are also used to maintain these infrastructures.

Seeing that the property tax is confounding, and the assessments and appraisals are inequitable, one might ask, is property the only source of revenue for the State of Georgia? No, it isn’t. Georgia has other sources of revenue generation, but property tax is one of its mainstays. It does not fluctuate as it is levied on assets of an individual; usually houses, lands, etc.

The property tax has also been criticized on the ground that it taxes unrealized capitals and which can only be paid in lump-sum by the taxpayers. Property tax is also disliked by many, but it has come to stay and must be paid. Property tax evasion is not an option as it’s hard to evade. So what can property tax payers do to make their position better and bearable? They need to turn to property tax consultants.

Why Should I Use a Property Tax Consultant?

Georgia Property tax consultants offer a lot of services which includes:

  1. Property Tax Review, which helps win fair tax treatment and reductions for property owners by reviewing the terms of the property tax charged them and obtain decent results for our clients.
  1. Appeal Filing services where they file appeals on your behalf to correct errors and inconsistencies in your tax bill to ensure that if there is any inflation, it is remedied at a reasonable fee. They also adduce and prepare relevant evidence to be used in canvassing your case before the Board.
  1. They represent their clients before the Tax Review Board. Many have tried to carry out these tax reductions and review processes on their own; they realized it can be very complicated and most times leaves them confounded. And they end up paying the sum of the inflated tax bill; this is why you need to consult us today.

Since the property taxes are here to stay, the only way a taxpayer can get at the government or bodies responsible is, when he is unfairly billed. So, do you think your property taxes are higher than it ought to be? Was it slightly or substantially inflated? And you have reasonable grounds to believe so too? Contact property tax consultants to aid you in solving this problem and begin this process of ensuring that you get tax justice.

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