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Everybody wants to keep their cars shining as well as protected. With the craze that does not seem to end, things such as car bodywork protection film is mandatory for car fanatics nowadays.


Protection from Scratches

The first advantage or benefit of 3m paint protection film installation is that it will protect your car from scratches. You of course are going to feel disappointed especially if you have a new car, if someone scratches or hits it from any side. When that happens, the car not only looks ugly but also fails to turn heads.

Something even more interesting is that it does not always take someone hitting you that results in scratches but sometimes even bird poop or a little stone can also cause the damage. A great way to prevent your car from scratches is to install paint protection film. It will keep your car looking sleeker too.

Weather Protection

Nobody can help when it comes to unexpected changes in weather. You wake up on a sunny day, but as the afternoon sets in, there is a thunderstorm. In such cases since the wind is strong, almost everything in the surrounding becomes a threat. In addition to that, hailstorms can also pose great danger. Weather in countries such as Singapore can also cause moisture to seep in and make things worse, which can result in rusting.

No Waxing

Paint protection applied once will keep you off of waxing. As already mentioned, since everybody wants their cars to look sleek, why not spend a bit more to get protection along as well? Waxes with time wear off, but it takes years for protection films to do so. Therefore, if you want your car to keep shining, invest in a package that will provide both shine and protection such as protection films.

Increase in Value

Paint protection films also add to the value. Since it has everything to do with your car being protected and looking better, it will always increase value. While you are investing in paint protection films, you shall be rest assured that you are making an investment that will equally pay back in return.

Long Lasting

Another great thing about applying paint protection film and also car window tinting is that it will be protected from scratches, dents and damages for 5 to 10 years. It doesn’t lose its shine that easy so your car’s appearance will be stellar for at-least half a decade.

However, take care of one thing if you have made your mind of installing PPF. Ensure that the PPF installer doesn’t use cheap material while installing because it will result in a bad PPF job which will also lose its shine quite soon. It’s best to choose branded paint protection films.



Having already mentioned, that paint protection films, protect the exterior of your car, they also come a bit pricey. The reason being that both the products and process are expensive and lengthy respectively.


You have to be careful with paint protection films. If your car has had a fresh paint job, the paint protection films will not adhere to it properly. If in case the surface has not been prepared well, the installation of films will have wrinkles as well as bubbles. Amongst many other things that you should consider, adhesion is one of them.


Paint protection films is the job of professionals. If you hand it over to some amateurs, they can while installing the film cause blisters on the body. By blisters, we mean to say that bubbles can form, which will reflect a sloppy installation. While we say that in some cases due to poor quality these films will also peel away. Even if the film has been installed properly, it can still peel away, due to improper care. Therefore, you visit professional detailing shops and you will see that they will have different equipment for each step to ensure premium quality.

From preparing the base until applying the film, it all requires patience and extreme caution of 3m paint protection film installers Springfield. Now that you know the pros and cons of PPF, make a decision that suits you.

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