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Buying a pair of Gucci sunglasses is the best approach to protect your eyes from the hurtful sun beams and dust. Your eyes are the most delicate organ in your body, and consistent presentation to the sun causes issues, like waterfalls, smolders and so on. With sunglasses, you can undoubtedly[…]

There are many famous designer brands and French luxury brand Dior; famous for its Dior Sunglasses is one of them. A French business man named Bernard Arnault started with this brand Christian Dior SE. This brand is popular for leather goods, eyewear and other fashion accessories. As a popular brand,[…]

Try Brazilian hair straightening treatment to experience fabulous hair. Those who experience lackluster and dry hair problem, this treatment promises to give the hair perfect smoothening effect to make the tresses perfectly manageable. This is basically a keratin based treatment that makes the hair shiny and smoother. Even the frizziest of[…]

Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is the amazing way to treat the hair frizz caused during the hair cut or the hair treatment. Since too many years, companies have been developing the frizz management products and Keratin treatment is the way to attain manageable hair. For many, frizzy hair is the[…]

If you are completely tired of low-volume hair, then nothing can be the best solution other than clip hair extensions. These kinds of extensions are quite useful in catering necessary volume to your hair as a result of which you can get a charming personality. These kinds of hair extensions[…]

men with long hair

The man bun hairstyle is spreading like wild fire. More and more guys are growing their hair out these days. But why is this trend suddenly catching on? The man bun hairstyle has unexpectedly become a very popular haircut among younger men. Interesting enough, there has also been a lot[…]

Do you think you look smarter in branded sunglasses? Do you feel your boyfriend looks so attractive when he wears sunglasses? Or is your nerd friend totally stunned you by wearing stylish sunglasses? Well, if you think like this then you are not alone. A good pair of frame can[…]

Curling Brushes

Every morning you wake up, one thing that you may first think of when dressing is: what should I do with my hair today? For the right hairstyle, you’ll need the right kind of tool and a simple brush may do, but in cases where you need to make a[…]

hair pomade

Looking for a product that will hold your do in place all day without sticky gel or hairspray that dries crunchy? Hair pomade, that rockabilly essential, is coming back into favor, essential to the slicked back hairstyles that are trendy again in the 2010s. Hair pomade is a water or[…]


Your dream wedding day is about to come but you are not sure what kind of bride you would like to be. Should you opt for traditional look? A contemporary one? Or something in between? Well, you might be very much confused at the moment. In the hustle and bustle[…]

Nowadays, witty people are using hilarious shirts to explain their sense of humor. This type of shirts or t-shirts have funny cartoon or quote printed on them. With the help of funny t-shirts, people can boldly express their views, moods and verdicts. Funny T-shirts Funny T-shirts are gaining a lot[…]


Do you have unique sense of fashion? Do you love to wear colorful jewelry? Or do you prefer cheap yet beautiful jewelries? Well, if your answer is YES, then Bohemian Style Jewelry can be perfect for you. Bohemian is a free style jewelry, which does not belong to any tradition.[…]

Miss Multiverse Pageant

The TV reality series and interactive model competition will be filmed on beautiful and exotic attention-grabbing destinations in the Jungles of The Congo, with activities full of adventures, adrenaline, lots of fun and intellectual challenges, it will also have a touch of glamor, luxury, fashion, beauty and pop-culture combining elements[…]

Whether your sunglasses are purchased by you from a ray ban sunglasses shop near you or a discount store, fashion sunglasses are a fashion accessory that should be worn all year long. But sunglasses are not just a pretty accessory; they shield your eyes from harmful sun rays, provide shade[…]

Trendy, college going girls pay special heed on their hair and hairstyle, as they want to opt for best hairstyle. There are oodles of trendy haircuts which can generate many different styles. Thus college girls can make several hairstyles from one haircut. Best hairstyles for college going girls You can match[…]

The latest fashion trends From high street fashion to chic  hair style and everything in between these two, best buys in online as well as in real stores for this week. Here is a list of fashion equipments from the blazer to clutch that you much have in your wardrobe for this[…]

Braid your hair for a trendy look Plaits are back in fashion. In the year 2014 it is everywhere from the red carpet to the main street, you can see almost every girl wearing plaits. No matter if you have long hair, short hair or medium length hair. As there[…]

Transform your look with perfect hairdo Hair style is something which has capability to transform overall look. A right hairstyle can give you celebrity like look while wrong hairdo can ruin your personality. With right hairstyle you can look super stylish. Whether you are school going girl or corporate women[…]

There are numerous ways to make your long hair look short. The best technique depends upon the hair length, texture and most importantly the result you are seeking through. This write-up provides you the thorough guide for the technique that you can employ to get the look of short hair.[…]

While looking for the branded sunglasses, Oakley and Ray Ban are the two prominent names that you can compare to buy the best one. These sunglasses are manufactured with the high quality material. Both have the numerous fashionable styles and are competitively priced as well. You can simply search on[…]

Is your hair frizzy, curly or unruly?  Do you want to go for straight, glossy hair? Then have you considered Keratin Hair Straightening treatment. This deep conditioning treatment changes the texture of the hair so that it can remain straight, without using chemicals and heat. What is keratin? Keratin is[…]